Artist : Jorge Cocco-Santangelo

Jorge Cocco Santangelo is a self-taught artist from Argentina with international recognition.

His award-winning work has been acquired by important collectors and exhibited in museums around the world. He has published five art textbooks, and his artistic work has been published in diverse magazines and journals. Cocco has recently created a new line of artistic expression for sacred art combining it with cubism, inspiring the name “Sacro-cubism.”

“Each style of art emphasizes a particular aspect of reality. In the case of this ‘post-cubist’ series, landscapes, objects and people are suggested vaguely, partly sacrificing the naturalism but putting composition, form, color, and harmony as priorities. The artist can better express all of these with more liberty when he is not forced to represent things as the eye sees them, but as he perceives them.  With the sacred, the event is more important than the details.”