Artist : Kerry Soper

It’s no wonder the paintings of Professor Kerry Soper, are so pastoral and relaxing. After a long day of teaching at BYU where he expertly handles several classes (see his “Rate My Professor scores) on American Culture, Western Humanities from the Renaissance to Now and Interdisciplinary Studies, Kerry unwinds by painting masterful small landscapes full of light, warmth and serenity. His tight schedule means he’s only able to produce a handful of paintings each year so the demand is high.

He’s also an author of two books on comic strip satire. He attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice by publishing cartoons and short satiric pieces, as well.

Kerry Soper studied art as an undergraduate at Utah State University. He then attended Emory University where he pursued an MA and PhD in American Studies. In his “spare” time he enjoys fly-fishing and soccer.