Artist : Scott Hale

Scott’s paintings are an exploration of the natural wonders and terrain of the American West.  He enjoys discovering its endless moods and faces. He writes:  “Many of my paintings are interpretations of places where light, land and water collide in profound moments. Others are my records of settings where there lies understated compositional beauty rather than majestic drama. Relying on a mixture of representational and abstract sensibilities, I am engaged in creating impressions that are equal parts sight and emotion.”

“As a painting develops, I tend to focus on strong compositional lines and shapes, the interchange of light and dark values, and intriguing color. I cultivate these characteristics into a singular style, which has a strong graphic quality and visual depth, working in both oil and pastel.”

In 2003, Scott left a career in Seattle, moved to Bozeman, Montana, and began painting full time in oil and in pastel. In 2016, I relocated to Southern Utah for a change of scenery and climate.