FourSquare ART is an online art gallery and art consulting service.


To connect clients with beautiful works of original art so they can experience the enjoyment and emotional power of great art in their home and work environments.


We represent over 30 terrific artists working in different mediums and producing quality work in a wide variety of genres.  Take your time and visit their work found on our website.  If you see something you like, let us know and we can have it shipped, usually within 24 hours.

If needed, we can begin with a complimentary, personally designed private consultation to determine your needs, interests and taste. Through a carefully created “art preference assessment survey” we can eliminate the unnecessary; sort through the clutter and discover the styles, mediums, subject matter and color palette you most closely identify with and appreciate.

This can be done via Internet connection or during an in-person consultation for those clients living in the Metro Phoenix area.


If we don’t have the right piece for you, we scour the country to find and present to you a specifically targeted collection of works individually selected to discover the perfect, original creations that completely capture your imagination and spirit.


For many, buying original art can be daunting. Questions of value and quality can seem overwhelming and uncomfortable. FourSquare ART can help guide you through the experience and purchase process. Our fees are paid by commission through the artists and galleries we work with so there’s no additional cost to you.

It’s our purposeful passion to connect great, powerful art with appreciative new owners who can share and enjoy it for many years to come.


Buying original art is an investment in life by improving the ambiance and spirit of your home or work environment.  It is also a wise financial investment. Quality original art appreciates in value and can be a lasting inheritance for family members.  The inks used in nearly all mass-produced art prints and canvases not only fade over time, but the value of the art itself declines quickly.  Research has found that there is a deeper, more personal emotional connection made with original art.  It’s certainly more powerful.


If you are ready to begin or have any questions, tell us your needs by clicking on the red “Purchase or Inquire” button found on most pages on our website and let’s get started.  We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to our list of collectors.