Artist : Jeff Pugh

The art of Jeff Pugh is instantly recognizable. Bold forms, balanced composition, strong textures and vivid colors carefully laid in by pallet knife to create iconic images of the rural west. Jeff was acknowledged by Southwest Art magazine in their “Emerging Artist” feature for how “his minimalist, impasto portrayals can be graphic and boldly colorful.” He counts artists Maynard Dixon and his father-in-law, Gary Ernest Smith, as having a strong influence on his work.

Jeff describes it this way, “I want to make the paint actually feel chunky and thick as a dirt field or smooth and airy as the sky. I hope that in the end, I am using symbols found in nature to express a bit of who I am, whether 
it is a painting of five trees to represent my family or haystacks that represent the fruit of our labors, there is always a little of what is happening in my life in each of my paintings.”